Sunday, 2 August 2009


I like to discover new things

Like Polenta

Its an amazing food. What is it? mash? pasta? cous cous?

Polenta is on the same wave length as to when I discovered Gnocchi for the first time! It's brilliant. With my japanese friend we went for Italian, I always decide to eat something from the menu that I haven't heard of, what's the point of eating something you are overly familiar with the taste and to be honest, you don't really get much joy out of it.

So i ordered this grilled Polenta and mushroom funghi sauce. I cannot remember the exact name of the dish, because the native french waitress put me to shame if I was to pronounce the word wrong she would probably spit in my food. So I simply just pointed to the meal, which was probably the politest way I think.

So nice, it was this not so over-powering cheese texture in the polenta, not soggy just the right consistency, so enjoyable with the garlic-y, white wine mushroom sauce.

This eatery was discovered somewhere near Aldgate Station and Brick Lane?

I think because I am still finding my feet around London, I don't tend to see signs and names. I just remember the scenery to get by, which i think is the best way because I lose my bearings so easily

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