Monday, 3 August 2009

Dad's downstairs swatting a fly

When I'm running up a huge flight of steps, I always climb them really really fast.

Like super fast.

I get the feeling someone is going to pull on my legs or is chasing me? so thats me on the Underground. As fast as I can, not minding people, but my own silly phobias of long flights of stairs.

Also have you ever looked back while you've been standing for ages on a really long escalators and looked down, and felt like that deep black hole at the bottom will suck you up if you lose your balance?


Just had a nice cold glass of milk after a shower, mmm refreshing. Its going to get hotter soon which I am dreading, not a fan of the sun. I like being pale.

Is it weird that whenever you listen to any Smiths song you can sing along and know the words without realising? or like in Never Mind the Buzzcocks, in the intro's round when the intro kicks in, you already sing the first verses of the song

eyes all glazed over like glace cherries ^^

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