Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Being around the posh (well I think it's posh) area of London, Kensington, Harrods and all that jazz. The kind of faces and the presence of people, the public are quite snobbish, upper-class, well dressed and probably stinking rich.

Note. One time I was running an errand, not sure what area it was but it was very posh. White tall houses, upmarket shops and the immaculate hub of people. So yeh, I went into one of them skin treatment shops looking for products. Its the wierdest thing seeing two tall arab ladies, downed in black garments and looking like something out of the film 5th Element. I noticed this sheepish looking man enter the shop aswell and thought oh okay, he's probably looking for a present for his wife or something.

Weird, it turns out that its the two tall arab ladies bodyguard. How surreal. In that moment I felt so endangered and un nerved.

So anyway, the point was I have noticed that the 'stylish' women seem to be observing what I wear. Interesting. I can see there eager eyes fixed on certain item that I'm wearing until we cross out of vision. Interesting.

** sigh just got a call from intern (on my day off, note) to go and pick up garments from PR company. Interesting, I get to see more places!

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