Sunday, 2 August 2009


I really want to find a job

A bar job preferably

I have a lot on my plate, as I'm interning for experience and knowledge, I don't get paid for this and think it would be good to get a job to fund the travel expenses and to have the money to spend.

Although I have interning, learning to drive and completing a sketchbook for a deadline. I'm just wondering whether I have time to fit a job in my schedule. I prefer to spend the money that I've worked for as its more satisfying knowing that I worked hard for it.

Interning takes up a whole day and I'm pretty much drained by the time I get home, although when I worked in a bar. It was the life and soul of me, interacting with people and being on my feet and the atmosphere is just incredible. I miss it alot.

As a bartendee I can be naturally happy and serving flamboyant punters, making cocktails and having a laugh with the bar staffs was one of my many happy times.

Interning, is not fun. I am dreading tomorrow because it is dreary and the other interns are becoming fed-up with studio assistants. I have made good good friends over there, but it is true. The work ethic is not good, which has made me realise why positions at the studio are not sought after and interns come and go.

I heard Massive Attack are djing for London Fashion Week

This is a massive incentive for me to stay, just not quite sure if I'll last.

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