Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Go lucky

I applied for something* And they got back to me!! Fingers crossed I have the good news to share in good time.

On the up side I seem to be having a good time, things are more accessible, the skies blue and I feel at home.

The down times, I don't feel like me. Being here and with no string ties I feel abit lonely. The weekends are normally a blast and I'm always occupied.

A song came on the radio and I said no way this song is my friends favorite song, so estactic to hear it. Then it dawned on me, everyone I know are not here. I'm trying to cope with making new friends. Its really not easy compared to 5 years ago, such a given. I'm all grown up now and to get to know awkward adults and the middle age is tough.

However the friends and faces I have got to know, are amazing I think I'm just abit taken aback to have to 'start all over again' in some way.

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