Thursday, 6 August 2009

'my friends on the atkins diet'

I have just discovered a new super food eatage!

Soya beans!

Dried and roasted, tastes like pistachio nuts! and good for you. With the weather now hot hot hot I've been obsessing about the diet because I feel like I'm getting too heavy to carry myself, for my type of frame anyway bit of a struggle really.

Another thing, in the daily London metro paper, i noticed in the food reviews about polenta wedges, fried. Must try them sometime.

I was having a conversation with someone and they mentioned their friend is on the Atkins diet. I was abit taken aback because really I thought dieting had fazed out and eating healthy had become the norm now. But thinking about this, I am very self conscious about things that are bad for you.

When I was little it was drummed in by my mum about healthy eating so I'm pretty glad that its no different to how i think now and don't protest it. When I was younger me and brother would fight over the broccoli and veg; me and brother would beg to eat microwaveable food because it was 'cool' from what we heard in primary school. Probably the only break through of bad eating we had were these dinosaur-shaped turkey drummers, but this was only acceptable because they were from M&S.

So anyway, now I can feel that I'm battling this mini bulge constantly, so many tasty treats and family dinners are so hard to turn down.

All in moderation maybe.

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