Thursday, 18 February 2010



my social life can get back on track

my phone has been busted for a couple of days which is far too long for my liking

it was a killer not being able to reach out to people when I wanted

worst is when it seemed lots of people were trying to contact me and i hated it when it seems like i'm being rude and ignoring and not being able to get back to them

i have got THE best phone ever that money has bought

better than all those snazzy team iphones and blackberry digi crap

I have a simple €5 Nokia basic no frills mobile phone

and it is mega!

it does everything I need

after the plastic gadget crap i've put up with and the humongous amount of dollars i've spent


that is all

its mega

trust me

also i depend on my alarm on the phone to wake me up

now its back

life is back in working order

simplest thing right

make a massive difference

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