Thursday, 18 February 2010


sometimes i forget my age

i see 23



but somehow

i always by law remember how long its been since i've last had sex

when i had my last kiss

who was i last with

but has it become possible i actually forget how old i am

(i kinda keep thinking I am 21 (( the odd times ehm, 19 ))

i know i know

but isn't 23 the new beauty 'IT' age

a time for when everything is acceptable

so much mature and yet still beholdeth the youth

although my age seems to have paused

excitement? i don't see none


maybees i'm underestimating this

i want bigger better things

my teens and twenteens were a riot

have i peaked?

it just seems 23 has been a bit mellow for now

i want faster


freaked out shit

peaked? non? oui?

i'll think about this one..

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