Thursday, 4 February 2010


I have this huge pet peeve

I am still learning how to perfect the application of make-up

to get that 'flawless-16 year old-looking russian-beauty-porcelain' look

but also i detest putting foundation on as it makes me look plastic fantastic

i have bought shiseido and YSL foundation none of which are fantastic match for my skin tone

I have just ordered this new one from Korea

in the back of my mind that hopefully the results will transform me into a 'flawless Korean beauty'

ehm yeh right we'll see

any yo

I have these friends that are foundation junkies

you could press and make a screen print from their faces as it's got more layers than a deluxe wedding cake

it grosses me out in close speculation

when they have so much gunk

and brissles shed from her make-up brush intertwined with the paste-y layer of foundation




it really pains me that its a typical ritual of theirs and I hear my skin breaking out with blemishes just from LOOKING at their skin

another thing is the coloured contact lenses

just the infections, viruses and bacteria is way too much

especially with the involvement around the eyes

its too much

this makes me wince

and shudder

this is why at the moment I am trying for a natural beauty look

for the sake of not wanting my gag reflexes to respond to the torture my friends put to skin

eugh and i just ate a banana and i feel so wrong & violated from mentioning this

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