Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Rotten apples

OK, so this is the thing

there's something that I feel that if I mention it may seem a faux pas

I am almost very disappointed that i had experienced this and it became a surprise to me that this has occurred

the Japanese people in France are downright rude

with the history of fashion in Paris, the early years, the Japanese found Paris to be the place to capitalize their fashion, which at first I was so surprised to come across so many Japanese people around, whether they had a boutique or food business and remembered Paris is renowned for the Japanese and their fashion

Maybe I don't get it

but it was a resounding answer from everyone that have experienced this (me being a first timer in Paris) and friends based is Paris

French people are the rudest people ever

this defects the charisma and enchanting vision of this magical city

there is this nostalgic tension

very nonchalant and even worse the poverty and class distinction is vile

but anyhow I experienced this wrath of rudeness from the Japanese french ladies at the macaroon delicatessen, their disgusting actions which reflects there lack of courteous host skills

just floored me

the level of rudeness and the people of France has got me in a questioning loop

maybe it can't be answered

scowl faced nation they are beware

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