Friday, 26 February 2010

up ii

things are on the up

(bar the workload that needs to be done for monday deadline)


i'm having a lucky day


just read my star sign as a second conscience guide

which is spooky how accurate it gets

-although mention of some work wardrobe needs a touch-up..
this thought I don't think so
I have a winner dresses that do it all time
plus, I have had far too many sporadic splurges anyway

no pennies left sigh

my career may be in the works

but ark.. don't want to speak to soon as it may all cave in

need to stay on it

but yes!

i'm so glad things are on the roll

and i'm even missing out on this mega party tomorrow night

but oh well things are looking good

have an outing sometime in early march anyway

so will make up for it

so happy

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