Tuesday, 23 February 2010

pissed off ii

another activity i carried out of procrastination

reading a really bolschy blog/twitter find

there was attitude, ego and cuntness

i don't know if its because i'm ill and pissed off

but i found myself scorn the twat imposed

'i'm so wild in this picture i'll pose like a loony whore and grapple myself amongst my gay chauffeurs, shit yeh, i just 'cracked my coke platter..oops i meant "mirror" oh the bright lights of London has seduced me into a crack whore affair whilst realising I am able to retreat back to homeland where my servants are at my demand anywayZ i'm a posh punk in disguise in your face' -so she says

with the high-street haircut


so fly

scorning while choking on my cheese and crackers

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