Tuesday, 2 February 2010

chick peas are lethal

I'm on a race

a race to get fit and tone up and loose the fat

being 23 there is this massive noticable difference to when I was 19 where fat would bounce off

now it bounce's with me

after walking insane amounts around Paris where I literally ended up from the end of the city to across the other side

I thought this would help tone me up

Aghast the french diet is no good for me and eating Brioche in the morning is such a killer and a magnet to my thighs

not the thighs please!

Its become more apparent with the people around having a smug celebratory of here is a picture of me in a size 6 dress

or size 4 dress this is yeh?

So i'm walking up and down steep hills

Power walks

why does this mean nothing to my body to take the hint and refine up

well it could be the near enough empty hummus tub and 4 missing pitta breads

its a vicious cycle for hummus love

hummus rocks

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