Sunday, 28 February 2010


feels like heaven // fiction factory

silver jews // strange victory, strange defeat

feeling blah today

probably the calm before the storm

storm being deadline tomorrow

anyway i'm having vegetable soup today

mega delighted

I'm a hardcore lover of vegetables

no joke

none of that vegetarian bullshit

someone once made a true statement that vegetarianism is a lifestyle that people opt for because they consider it cool if not for the political aspects of it

when i use to live on my own i made homemade vegetable soup everyday

it's kind of crazy thinking back

when I got home at 5am

i would cook one up

it winds me up that living at home its constant meat at the table

really winds me up, it makes me tiresome..

abit off the beaten track here but

i'm mega sleepy

i've woken up early to start the day

i lack in stamina

and i hate to hit the caffeine

which in fact i did at 9am and i have a horrible caffeine buzz nausea going on


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