Thursday, 4 March 2010


I want to wear more

to don more accessories

but I have to compensate with this one without looking too over done

I always have to, its a must wear earrings

Or else I feel naked and unbalanced and feel exposed

I occasionally wear rings depending whether my fingers are not having a fat-finger-day

its a killer when you strangle them off to go to bed

but yeh

I would like to wear neckwear

I already in place have my scarves that hug me

but i would like to make use of my necklaces and adornments

but that would mean I would have to compensate my other 'me' items

lets see if i get my top ear pierced maybe I could meet halfway to combating the over-done look

in other news

my nose is getting rather sensitive

rather random

I got a nose bleed for the first time since whenever

nose bleeds were so 90s

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