Sunday, 28 March 2010


sometimes i just want a quick fix

but then it just won't suffice and at the end of the day, it's never worth it

i'm not having fun

i've had a couple of outings

so there's kind of been opportunities for me to get to know people


i've developed this thing

i've become 'it'

stuck up

i've gone extremely judgemental and snuff people that are just what I define as revolting and maybe an extreme reaction of mine

but I can't help it

there's this something about people that immediately give off an impression that they are just an 'empty shell'

no substance

I'm not for one to ask of someone from the get go

but it just seems that more and more people (people i mean by fellas)

are predictable, non?

all generic

the last outing I was with my friend, and she is far too giving for such a pretty face that this guy thinks he's broken in and on it for tonight

but as she's straight talking she brandishes him and tells him after he tries to make an advance from pure self reassurance of his hornyness

no I won't shag you

and this was after he chased her down the street and tapped her on the shoulder with the look of 'aren't you forgetting something?'


oh really


just a reason why i won't suffice for anyone

it just seems that the men around London are not up to scratch

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