Friday, 26 March 2010


getting to know

that road called Brick Lane

everyone has an opinion of this area

but anyway

i don't know

I seem to be there quite frequent and spotted numerous models

ala spotted that jethro cave and that Ash Symest

(ahem who is my background wallpaper but only because I like the styling of the shoot and the materials he is wearing. No, seriously)

but then when there's a moment I would've loved to have whipped my camera out

and been that impressed individual to furore over somewhat normal looking person

so I was hesitant to try and take a picture and merely for a second brushed off that 5 second glare before resuming the East End intense stomp walk

and then that time from yesterday

As I ventured into a pub/ bar to use the toilet

to then walk on to a music video being filmed

(also I think I have a small cameo in that some unknown video where I seem to be lurking around the sides to get past to the bathroom, with my camera intact acting like that someone who gets overly excited)

London is making me realise

wow things really do happen when you stop trying to look

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