Wednesday, 31 March 2010

life changing

i have met my match

it comes in the form of a buritto

namely The Breakfast Burrito

here are the ingredients for my future reference

fresh Buritto wrap lightly toasted
3 lightly fluffy scrambled eggs
melty luscious chedder(?) cheese
green & yellow grilled peppers with a smokey hint
guacomole green loving
immense spicey heaven chunky chorizo chunks with every bite

and side helping on the plate of
salsa loving
guacolmole loving
green leafy Rocket loving

edit// +sour cream nearly forgot their furthermore generosity
and note, the burrito was bigger than my head..! just sayin

Get this Breakfast Burrito loving


The Breakfast Club

Don't prolong the mouth watering

It's in one of the side streets, look out for the lit up circle sign, sandwich board. It's quite hidden away, like a secret hove to be discovered. it's quite easy to miss, thank god I was introduced to this eatery delight as I walk around with my eyes half shut all most of the time.

myself and my friends were awaiting to be seated
(it gets mega busy = mass people means good reviews! Yeh!)

It's notcieable that this is where the beautiful people come to eat here

Beautiful people need to eat

and with the assistance of a big felt hat, its how it's done.

A great atmosphere

superb decor

and yummy waiters (what can I say he was wearing a smiths tee, winner!)

I'll deffo repay some buritto loving with another visit

Get that blueberry stack pancakes next time


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