Sunday, 28 March 2010

man cool

oah yeh

something that slipped my mind

only just remembered after pondering

The men of London are very peculiar

i use the word strange too often and peculiar really grasps what I'm trying say

I've been looking at fixtures and settings for the venture that I'm doing with my boss, that means we will venture out and about looking for inspiration

anyway with my Salami Kosher Bagel intact (in my mouth)

we were admiring these really mod furnishings outside at trendy cafe

and all of a sudden this bearded man in a van was laughing at me, really marvelling at me..

he was waving at me

and looking at me quite oddly

almost to talk to me or whatever

i just looked up at him quite passively

and he seemed quite shy and peeped at me through the window

He was quite hott, don't get me wrong
kind of like a hairy yeti caught at work

but there just seems to be this lack of 'man' in men in London

and then.

On another location to view architecture

me and my manager were immensely divulged into gazing the building ahead of this building being magnificently clad in rusted metal that had been treated to look like brick walls but at a larger scale.

'oh my GOD. That guy thought we were both totally checking him out!! We were walking directly towards him and his eyes lit up! He really thought he was onto something!!!'




eh I didn't see him!

and then you have the hubbub of cool male outside smokers who insist on keeping their rain speckled rayban glasses on, when it's pissing it down with rain

after choking on the last puff

then they don't know how remain their substance of uber coolness to wipe the rain free from the glasses to see where they are going

bloody hell

there's cool and then there's plain common sense and get on with it


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