Wednesday, 31 March 2010


An up from like

I love Spotify

and the music overload I can fit into some salvaged hours I own


this is a surreal recommendation

I love


all the Temper Trap remixes

This is like sex, drugs, morphine you could get from a constant rotation of pleasure

that good

heart tapping

shoulders pulsing

faint head achieved

the beats, the synths, the mix

Too good!!!

The Temper Trap // Fader (Rockdaworld Superdub Extended Edit RMX)

The Temper Trap // Fader (Adam Freeland RMX)

The Temper Trap // Fader (Jakwob RMX)

it covers the majority of genres and intergrating Dub-step which is always a pace pleasure to jump the song to feel that euphoria which then somehow has that mellow skip..

just the perfect mix of feel good with exceptional tempo levels in the 5 mintues...

oh i really want to go out tonight

but so gutting as I had to say no because of work commitments

what to do

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